How to Convince Your Hubby to Buy a Picnic Table For the Kids

✅How to Convince Your Hubby to Buy a Picnic Table For the Kids

Any time of year is perfect for a picnic table for the little ones in your life. Think of when you were growing up, maybe at a family reunion at a big park where the adults were throwing horse shoes and the kids where running up and down the hills, playing on the swings, and when it was time to eat, there was a space for everyone. You and the other kids sat down at the kid’s picnic table!

For you, a place for the kids when you grill or even indoors is a great way to keep them in their space and have them eating together. For the kids, it actually instills pride in them knowing that their picnic table is only for them. So this is the best argument in getting a table for your children. Yes, it helps that they are at the right height for their table, but what it does to them emotionally is something you cannot buy.

Now, let’s talk a little about what’s out there before you rush out the door to buy one, or do as I suggest and buy one online and have it shipped to your door. First, there are a few considerations. If you plan to use or keep the kid’s picnic table outdoors, you have to remember that the sun does a number on plastics. There is an additive called titanium dioxide that is added to vinyl to make it much more UV resistant, but things still weather outside.

Also, some parents are really into going natural, and the jury is still out on whether the BPA’s in plastics and vinyls is problematic. Fortunately, there are some great choices in natural wood picnic tables. These aren’t like the roadside tables you might have sat at as a kid, they are well made, sanded, beautiful cedar tables that are raw wood with no sealants. Cedar lasts for years and yes, it smells great!

Finally, you might be a little concerned about where to shop for a picnic table for your child. I’ve found and do recommend shopping online for your table, but with a caveat. Make sure you get a phone number and use it in communicating before you make your final purchase. This will allow you to establish a relationship with the company in case anything comes up with the delivery or setting up the table. That’s why they have the number and it’s a place where email is OK, but a voice is better.

Shop around. There are many styles and colors and sizes. And if yours arrives and you don’t like it, make sure you can return it. Get the table your child will love and you will love and that will make them feel special for years to come.